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Nadine Anderson Cheng

Nadine Anderson Cheng is a figurative artist. Initiated at a young age via Sunday evening portrait drawing sessions with her older brother, and after an initial flirtation to study law, Nadine decided to hone her artistic skills at the Edna Manley School of Art where she was educated in graphic design, textiles, painting, fine jewelry, and sculpture. Nadine continued her studies at the Miami International University of Art, graduating with a Master’s degree in Graphic/Environmental Design.


An admirer of Pollock’s "drip painting" and Van Gogh’s love of portraying daily life, Nadine’s paintings use everyday experiences as a starting point -- directly responding to the surrounding environment, often telling a story about the effects of global culture and what it means to be human. Using muddy to bright tones, the mood of her work yields whimsy, melancholy, and introspection. Nadine’s creations also include mixed media artworks and installations.


Nadine has exhibited in the Caribbean, Florida, Chicago, New York and the United Kingdom with reproductions sold worldwide.


Her current show at The Gallery space of the Zen Zone is titled "Portraits" and will be up through September 2018.

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