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3 Fitness Tips, from Pretty Fit Chicks!

Our mission at Pretty Fit Chicks (PFC) is to inspire people. We want to change the way women feel about health and fitness. Our one of a kind, Pretty Fit Chicks instructors, guide each class through an inspirational, selfless, fitness experience. Our classes are designed to benefit the mind, body, and lift your spirits!

My name is Yolanda Jack, I'm the Founder of Pretty Fit Chicks. I did'nt always practice a healthy lifestyle. I developed a passion for living a healthier lifestyle after witnessing many of my family members be diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer, That was when I understood genetics played a powerful role but I refused to increase my chances of inheriting a disease because of a poor diet and lack of exercise!

If you're looking to do the same here are some tips I've picked up a long the way!

1. Pick a place & time

Planning is everything! It's best to pick a place and time to encourage fitness into your lifestyle. Ask yourself where? When? & How?List 3 things you like about yourself and 3 fitness goals you have. I have found that in order to create the change we want, we must be content with what we currently have.

Schedule a daily time to only focus on YOU!

2. Be Disciplined

Being disciplined is more than going to the gym every day. Being disciplined is not allowing yourself to do anything that doesn’t help you reach your ultimate goal. Being disciplined is masting self-control and not living for temporary high. You want to eat the cake but you know you will have regret later! So don’t eat the cake. No Excuses.

3. Be Mindful

Slowing down your routine and focusing on what is truly important can reduce stress, enhance the brain's working memory abilities, increase focus, and strengthen relationship satisfaction!

Instead of using your entire morning worrying about getting this or that done, take a few minutes to focus on what you're doing at the moment & visual how you want your day to go. Waking up to some stretching to loosen your body, a nutritious breakfast is also great. Incorporate these into your mornings for better physical fitness and improved health and wellness.

Need some additional support! Join the Pretty Fit Chicks movement!

Here are some services we offer

Booty Boot Camp Classes Free- $10

Personal Training Starting at $150

Health Meal Planning Guidelines $25

Come check out my classes! I offer them twice a month at Zen Zone & Morningside Park, in Miami, FL


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