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Curated Stay on Track Tactics For You

It’s that time of the year again when people set their resolution for the “New Year.”

But in reality, most people end up failing to complete their resolution.

The issue is that we often set high standards for ourselves. Changes take time. Here are some manageable ones:

  • pick up a hobby

  • read a book

  • start meditating

  • begin positive self-talk

Always take care of your health first and give time for yourself. Doing good practice for your state of mind can help improve your self-esteem to achieve more things in life.

Here are some free online classes to improve your health:

Mind, Health, and Happiness

Mind, Health, and Happiness

Knowing your worth in life and keeping a positive mindset for your self-care is important. Studies have shown that having high self-esteem can help you form secure and honest relationships. Say goodbye to toxic people through breathing reflection!

Gentle Yoga for Terrible Times

Gentle Yoga for Terrible Times

Need a new hobby but don’t want to go outdoors? Online yoga is a perfect choice. Not only can you improve your physical health (cardio and circulatory health), but you can also improve your mental health (managing stress).

Breathe, Meditate and Be Happy

Breathe, Meditate and Be Happy

You will be taught to learn ways to breathe and meditate in this online experience. It’s been proven that breathing or meditation can help with: reducing stress levels in your body, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, reducing depression, and better regulating your body's reaction to stress and fatigue.

I hope you get your resolutions done this year :)

Best, Chenxi


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