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Flipping Shit Per Usual - Why we named our online store after a pig

Cochina, pronounced CO-CHEE-NA, literally translates to the Spanish word for pig. Culturally it's used as a derogatory slang word to call out women or girls that are considered dirty..

One thing I'm known for is my positivity. I love taking negative things, and flipping them into a positive!

"I spend a lot of hours in the garden literally getting in the dirty. A few months ago I was thinking of a name for the Zen Zone online shop. My colleague and friend Kayo was visiting me, I came into the house from doing some yard work and he jokingly shouted out "oooo cochina!" I asked him what the word meant, and I laughed when he told me. I was definitely a Cochina. I knew that had to be the name for the store,

He, and my other Spanish speaking friend both thought I should rethink naming the store Cochina because of what the word meant to them as they were growing up. But I love to change the meaning of words. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Words are important, but only because we give them that power. By changing how you think about words, or what's probably easier, just changing the words that you use, you can change your perspective on things. And when you change your perspective your perspective changes!

I understand the word Cochina has a negative meaning to a lot of people. I love the word. I love how it sounds when I say it, and I love working in my garden which requires me to get dirty plain and simple! Cochina is about more than getting out in the garden and getting your hands in the ground. It's about hard work of all different types. It's about doing what it takes to get shit done. It's about not putting yourself into a box defined by what others say. It's knowing you can do yoga, and love to do your makeup too!

Cochina represents joy, freedom, and sustainability. As we wrap up March and head into Spring it's the perfect time to officially launch Cochina online boutique! Welcome and enjoy!

Jennifer Natalie wearing Cochina. Photo credit StudioMIA

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Always love when a negative turn into something positive. Life is all about perspective. Let's shift it for the best.

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