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Have You Visited: The Closet?

Some of the items swapped through the Zen Zone Closet

Maybe it's the facts, maybe it's your budget, maybe it's just the ease of it. The benefits of sustainable shopping go on and on AND ON. 2019 seemed to be the year that everyone caught wind of the secret to having cute outfits all the time without spending tons of money.

I have benefited from thrifting and now almost exclusively either swap or rent all of my clothes. I've been hosting social swap gatherings for many years and was bummed when I had to cancel my Spring Swap in 2020 due to COVID.

Once things settled down a little last year I quietly added a section to the Zen Zone website called "The Closet". I've recently started promoting it on social media, and almost a year later i'm excited to announce I've partnered with The Lab Miami to host the Spring Sustainable Style Social in their beautiful outdoor garden.

Being mindful of our fashion options is a great way to save money and contribute an action towards solving the climate crisis. Plus it's fun! If we can still continue to swap in a safe way I am all for it. I hope to see you at the upcoming event, but if you can't make it read below how you can come to the Zen Zone and swap.

What is The Closet?

The Closet is a dedicated rack at the Zen Zone where anyone can stop by and "shop" sustainably anytime!

How it works:

  • Clean out your closet, separate everything you own into four piles. Donation, recycle, sell, swap. Don't just look through your clothes. Review your bathing suits, handbags, and accessories too!

  • Bring your swap items to the Zen Zone, and if it makes it easy for you we will take your donations as well. H&M will take clothes for recycling purposes, as well as some smaller Miami stores like Tribe and the American Clothing Exchange.

  • Exchange your swap items for clothes off the rack!

By shopping this way, you'll be helping reduce the billions of pounds of clothes that end up in landfills every year.


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