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How To Start A Business

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

By Isabella Trillo

Starting your own business is an amazing way to achieve your goals of doing what you

love in life. A business can range from catering to dog accessories. As a co-owner of my

business Bizacharms, I feel confident to say that I have the experience and knowledge to give some comments about starting your own business.

Getting Started

To first start a business, you need to decide what exactly that business is going to be

based on. Find your passion. Find something that excites you and you would love to share with the world and customers all over. I have always been a huge fan of jewelry, whether its necklaces, bracelets, earrings, I love it all. It never occurred to me to start my own shop and creating designs on my own! But it is an experience I am beyond grateful for. I love sharing my unique and creative designs with other people and seeing them wear it their own ways and feeling confident.

Figure Out Your Brand

My brand has a certain aesthetic, this is also very important thing to consider when you

are thinking of how you want to advertise your brand. In my case, we focus on boho-chic

beachy looks. Unique and different styles that you can wear year around. Each order is

handmade and crafted by us. It takes patience and care to make each and every piece, and we love every step of that process. Another huge component if you are considering in starting a business is time and attention. Starting a business takes a lot of attention and time. You must be open to social media, this is one of the best ways to advertise yourself and to grow your name in the industry. For example, an Instagram account, to stay active you should post a post every day and if not every couple of days. This way many accounts will be exposed to your content and want to follow and shop. If you are inactive it looks like your brand is unreliable and inconsistent. To conclude, starting a business can be extremely fun and exciting, but always consider

all the responsibilities you’ll have to consider in order to be successful.

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