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Hurricane preplist

Hurricane season is in full force down here in South Florida, and boy is mother nature letting us know! Last time a storm hit us it shut the Zen Zone down for months! This time were more prepared, and we hope you all are too. There are lot's of resources out there to help you get ready, this short list of items is sure to come in super handy for some out of the box options you should consider along with the standard prep items.

Photo by Joran Quinten on Unsplash
  • If the power goes out, you’re gonna need this flashlight.

This is not just any flashlight, it’s also a portable radio and comes with hand cranking power. This insures that no matter where you are, you’ll have access to the latest crucial updates even if your electricity goes out. And you’ll be able to keep the light on with a nearly unlimited power source.

Everyone knows you’ll need a large amount of potable water in a hurricane. But plastic bottles contribute to global warming, it’s almost like buying them will make the next hurricane stronger. Instead, pick up this large reusable water container. You can fill it up at the first hint of trouble, and you’ll be able to drink fresh pure water until the weather has calmed once more.

  • Only have access to questionable water source? Don’t miss out on this amazing water filter.

Pure and clean water is the most precious resource often taken for granted. In a hurricane, you could lose access to it. You’ll never be taken off guard with this water filter. All you have to do is stick one end into the water and you can suck the water like a straw. You can even take this with you on your next outdoor adventure, and drink pure water anywhere you go.

Flooding can be a nightmare to deal with and cost thousands of dollars in repair costs. Protect your home with this flood barrier. Just put it on the ground in front of your house and you’ll be able to divert water from your home and avoid water damage.

You’ll want a first aid kit handy in a hurricane. Without one, small injuries could become a big deal. Patch yourself up with this very convenient kit and you and your loved ones will be right as rain again. Or hopefully with the hurricane ending soon, you’ll be right as a sunny day.

What are some of your suggestions for hurricane a prep shopping list? Let us know on Instagram and we'll ad them here!


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