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It's Time. Detoxify Your Digital Life

While phones, apps, and the internet are huge revenue drivers, using them comes at a cost as well. In fact businesses are now blooming and profiting from doing just the opposite of digital connections. It's called "Digital Detox" and it's happening everywhere. Also known as silent retreats, these experiences where you voluntarily give up access to your devices are becoming all the rage.

Not within your budget to fly off to Costa Rica or some other remote location to disconnect? Or perhaps you are self quarantined at home due to the Coronavirus. Have no fear, we've got some tips on how you can start doing this right now!

1. Host your own silent retreat. Pick a day, weekends work well. Invite your friends over and have lunch ordered in advance for delivery, or set it up in the morning. Upon arrival, everyone turns off and puts their phones away. Have activities like guided meditation, coloring books, aromatherapy, paper for writing and reflecting. Set up comfy areas around your home for people to hang out in silence. Play relaxing music. Consider inviting an expert to start the day off with a welcome, or ending or just do it yourself!

2. Encourage the leaders at your workplace to bring in a consultant that specializes in this type of work. There are a variety of different experts that do this kind of work, like Jeremy Abramson from E3 Lifestyle, and your HR team will be happy that you've come with some specific people in mind. It makes it less complicated for them.

3. Use a computer? Download this free app now. f.lux is a free download that warms up your computer display at night, to match your indoor lighting which will help you remember that it's getting late, and you should probably hit the hay. Plus it's way better for your eyes.

4. Make it a practice to get on your phone during meals and snacks. This is called Mindful Eating. Instead, take your time and engage your senses while you eat. Look at what you're about to eat. Smell it, really taste it. Let your mind wander to other places while eating instead of scrolling, catching up on email, or news. You deserve those few minutes.

5. Get out of the gym. That's right! Switch it up and exercise outside instead. Gyms have televisions everywhere. People are on their phones it encourages you to be on yours as well. Gardening can be an excellent workout or check the Zen Zone schedule and see if we have anything going on that day!

Studies have shown that being constantly connected can have negative effects such as narcissism, lack of empathy, and insomnia! The results of this study where people digitally detoxed were better memory, improved posture sleep, and of course eye contact with others.

Convinced yet? Try a digital detox and let us know how it goes by connecting with us "digitally" on Instagram or Facebook.


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