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Maintaining Balanced Books For Small Businesses

How to frame your mindset and get started.

An Interview With Nelsy Rivas.

The Zen Zone Miami is a place for our community to gather and grow.

We offer space to artists who have amazing gifts to share and provide them some additional support with building their brand. Maintaining your financial books is a must do for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. As we move into a new year you have a perfect opportunity to make sure that you get your booking ducks in a row!

We sat down with Zen Zone contributor, conscious entrepreneur and bookkeeping expert Nelsy Rivas who shared key tips on getting started.

"Society measures abundance and success way too much by dollar signs. Money is energy too! How are you vibrating? Are you in flow? That’s the true measure of success!" - Nelsy Rivas

What are your top tips for entrepreneurs when it comes to bookkeeping?

1. Don’t be intimidated by numbers. Money is energy like all else. You’re in control.

2. Don’t let any limiting beliefs block you from taking control of your finances.  Bring mindfulness and law of attraction principles into the financial part of your business.  (Don’t avoid it/put it off. It is what it is – if you know where you stand, you’ll know the energy you need to exude)

3. Don’t think you need to hire someone to do this for you. You know your business best. Save the money and use it to grow other parts of your business (i.e. marketing, products you may need to expand your services, etc.)

4. Network and get to know other entrepreneurs, get creative about collaborating and bartering services. Everyone has something of value to offer (including yourself).

5. Don’t measure the success of your business by the numbers you see.  It’s important to know where you stand financially but don’t let that be the only way you measure if you’re on the right path or not.  You could be making a lot of money, but it’s not aligned with you really are or you could be not making as much but are exactly where you need to be and are fulfilled. 

6. Don’t feel you need to give your services away. You send a message to others and to the universe that your work is not worthy/you’re not good enough.

"Those of us with conscious businesses are motivated to make a difference and at the same time we all need to and deserve to make a living." - Nelsy Rivas

Building a business can be incredibly challenging and mentally taxing.

Over time it can become unsustainable if you do not stay balanced - pun intended. Luckily conscious brands and entrepreneurs often have tools available that others don't have. Like meditation, breathing, and healthy eating habits. Another theme Nelsy believes in, is using Law of Attraction tools while working on your books. Here are some more tips she shared:

  1. Visualize the future of what your books will look like!

  2. Write on receipts “All that is invested is good ands will return to itself seven times” – This phrase is from Deepak Chopra State and writing it on your reciepts supports the energy that the money you spent will come back to you in multitude.

  3. When you pay a bill or give to charity, borrow this phrase from Marie Forleo and say to yourself “There’s plenty more from where that came from.”

  4. Write yourself a check! Manifest for your business as you would for personal abundance.

"When you are energy is positive and you’re vibing, keeping track of your finances will be less daunting." Nelsy Rivas

What should conscious entrepreneurs keep in mind or look out for while bookkeeping?

Keep in mind that anything can be fixed, corrected, explained. There is nothing to be intimidated or fearful of. The more familiar you are with your income and expenses, the better you can plan and control the situation – this is power for you!

Keep in the conscious world, we aren’t necessarily in it for the money but we have a right to make a living.  "Ask yourself if you're prioritizing your investments correctly? Whether it be money or time. What is contributing to the bottom line?" Advises Nelsy.

"Even if you decide to continue doing something for the love of it, it’s good to know how much it’s costing you. Analysis could be scary because we want our businesses to succeed and we have all sorts of fears and limiting beliefs. Push through that and know this is a part of business and the more you know, the better decisions you can make to grow your business the correct way."

How can artists and entrepreneurs set themselves up for success?

The Universe wants us to succeed. We just need to believe we will. Think positively, view any setbacks as learning experiences. There are things even better than what we’ve dreamed up waiting for us if we are open to them.

Stay flexible and positive. I know it’s hard to do when there are bills to pay, but it’s important to go back to the core of what made you want to start a conscious business to begin with.

What are common mistakes people should avoid?

1. Not enough planning or research about expenses.

2. Not enough record keeping.  Easy tip, snap a pic with your phone of receipts when you sign them.

3. Bad cash (petty cash) management.

4. Mixing business and personal spending.

5. Procrastination (this is usually about limiting beliefs and fear / avoidance).

6. Not reconciling your bank account(s) and looking through financial statements.

7. Not hiring a CPA to put it all together for you at the end come tax time.


About Nelsy

A natural empath, Nelsy turned her youth passion of volunteering and activism into a career path. From organizing and facilitating workshops and community events to being an active member of the community, Nelsy is dedicated to sharing her passion(s) with others. That same guiding interpersonal spirit led her to make sure to attain a certification in Human Resources while studying for a Bachelors in Professional Administration at Barry University in Miami Shores, FL. After years of focusing her energy outwardly to the positive benefit of others, she embarked on an internal spiritual journey, which led her to leave the nine-to-five for a life by design as a conscious business owner, after 15 years in the non-profit world. It was during this journey she Synchroniziously found ChakradanceTM. She’s currently working on several projects to help inspire and heal overlooked pockets of the community, while continuing to study and explore new opportunities. As a conscious entrepreneur, Nelsy is effectively balancing her desire to give to others with feeding her own soul, and now teaches other women how to do the same.


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