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Mango Mania! Recipes for You

Late spring at the Zen Zone is always a magical time of year, not least of all because of the cornucopia of mangoes we get during harvest time, picked fresh from the tree. But buried under a deluge of mangoes, it can boggle the mind what to do with them all. Last year we experimented with mango juice and mango banana bread, but this year we’re going all out. Here are some of the wonderful things that can be done with this amazing fruit of the tropics.

Mango Pops!

Super easy and delicious. Last year we had so much juice we decided to use some of it this year and make treats to keep us cool. Scooped up this super affordable popsicle maker on Amazon, and two days later we were chillen. All you have to do is fill the containers with juice. To pop them out easily, run the pop under hot water for a minute. We've got a lot of ideas on how to use this popsicle maker even after mango season wraps up. For only $9 it was a score.

Mango Lassi

This is a true delight on a hot day. Smooth and silky, the mango lassi is a staple of Indian cuisine. The yogurt in it adds a zip of tangy flavor unmatched anywhere else. And the mango’s delicate sweetness is the perfect accent to the yoghurt’s tang. Pro tip: toss on some mint for garnish and kick back on a porch or patio. Cheers!

Vitamin C Superfruit Salad

This zesty and super satisfying mango salad is bursting with flavor. There many vitamins and nutrients in these beneficial fruits, and this salad brings citrus, kiwi, and other fruits with vitamins and minerals that blend together in a way that just has to be tried.

Traditional Mango and Coconut Sticky rice

This recipe from Thailand is my personal favorite of the bunch. Sweet sticky rice so fluffy and soft is served with sweet mango slices. The communion of sultry flavors is enough to set your heart fit to bursting. This is an absolute must-try!

The tropics sure are a land of wonder and plenty, and the seductive and rich flavor and scent of mangoes adds so much to these amazing surroundings. So hop on over to the Zen Zone Miami next time you have a moment, and indulge yourself in one of nature’s most monumental treats.


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