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Pandemic Popsicles! Recipes for You

It was last summer when we invested in a popsicle maker for the Zen Zone. Since then we've tried out a variety of different flavors including this mango one that has become a staple.

Here is one of the recipes we've been enjoying this summer!


This is a delicious and refreshing combination of a local Vodka and Sorell. First make a batch of Sorell tea. It's every easy. Make sure you're using Jamaican Sorell, aka Roselle, or Hibiscus Sabdariffa. Not Rumex acetosa, which is also a plant called Sorell. You can easily grow it if you're located in Miami.

The correct plant looks like this:


  • Sorell

  • Lemon

  • Ginger

  • Sliced oranges or orange juice

  • Sweetener (honey, raw sugar, agave etc)

Boil your items together and let it chill. Mix your tea with BALT Vodka. This strawberry flavored adult beverage company was founded right here in Miami. You can use any spirit really, like classic Rum, or just leave it virgin. I was feeling like making an adult popsicle and love supporting local.

The result is the perfect happy hour appropriate popsicle, with all the health benefits of Sorell!


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