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Plugged into a Dream

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately, and been going on some fantastical adventures. I’ve noticed that as soon as im in a dream it’s like I'm instantly placed into a scenario. I’m never wondering where I am in a dream or what’s going on, I’m fully in the moment of whatever is playing out. This intense focus on performing an activity or going through a story, being fully engaged in the now without worry, it’s a very freeing, beautiful moment.

It brought me to mind how powerful that technique could be if employed in our real lives as well. Imagine if you were just forging a path down the touchstones of your journey without needing to reflect on context or the ever uncertain future.

Try it! Go out and live your life in full passion, fully in the moment. Spread your wings into the grand new world of today, and live your life as you dream.


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