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Press Release - Traveling Painter Uses Work For Larger Purpose!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019


Contact: Mary Dorsett, Chibur

Phone: 305-857-5913

Photos are available. Interviews can be arranged.

Traveling Painter Uses Work For Larger Purpose

Non Profit Refugee Assistance Alliance partners with Miami artist Adriana Jay

MIAMI, FL (09/09/2019) - Thousands of refugees arrive to South Florida monthly. Even with Florida having the largest Refugee Services program in the country, serving close to 50,000 in 2015, it is not enough. The numbers in need continue to rise. In 2017 Kristen Bloom founded Refugee Assistance Alliance (RAA) in response to this growing crisis. Their primary focus is to help mothers and children with English language acquisition.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization they have gotten creative with their fundraising efforts. One of their most popular methods are their dinner series. The dinner is typically hosted by a member of the community, and the menu is curated and prepared by a refugee woman. Adriana Jaramillo, a Miami based artist whose work features women traveling the world, with an emphasis on women of color, attended A Taste of Syria in February this year and said “the dinner was soulful, moving, humbling, and full of hope. It opened my eyes and my heart to something I knew was happening but hadn’t had a chance to see up close until that moment.”

Jaramillo, who goes by Adriana Jay as an artist, felt compelled to support the efforts of RAA after attending the event. She has partnered with RAA to raise funds through an online auction that starts on September 5th 2019 and runs through September 21st culminating with her showing some of her work at another upcoming “Taste of Syria” dinner on September 20th 2019. Meet the artist and the refugee chefs at the upcoming event by purchasing tickets here

Three paintings will be auctioned off. All are original works of art, that come with Certificates of Authenticity signed by the artist. Jaramillo is considered an emerging artist and her most recent collection of traveling postcards sold out. She has garnished attention as female travel has become a trending topic. She hopes to raise $2000. All profits from the sale of the paintings will be donated directly to RAA to support refugee families learning English as they work to become more self-sufficient. Ultimately, RAA’s goals are to promote peace and understanding among the people of South Florida.




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