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Self Love Tips

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

It's February ya'll! The month of love... Even though love should be celebrated every day, in honor of Valentines Day being this month we're sharing some self-love tips from the expert herself Prime Sam.

Prime is a Realtor in the Miami area, an active traveler and she is the founder of the #selflovestatement movement. She is the organizer behind the event Ladies Day Care where women are treated to a day of pampering and female entrepreneurs are given the space to promote their business. She is consistently sharing beauty, life, real estate hacks and more on Instagram, and today she's sharing some self love tips with the Zen Zone family. Read more below!

"It is very important to learn how to love thyself at all stages of our lives."

What is self love and what is so important about self-love?

Self Love is giving thyself the healing, the nourishment and the care while living in the vessel that we carry daily. It is the catalyst for healing, nourishment and growth of thyself. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to love thyself at all stages of our lives. Research said that only 5 percent of people have the ideal body that is portrayed in the media. Wow..Woww..Woww so what is left for the rest out there? Is it worth killing yourself over achieving perfection. No! It is totally fine to be unique and not outcasted for it. 

I love how you point out that self-love needs to happen at all stages of our lives. That means that it will look different for all of us. Sometimes even myself I have felt guilty about not taking time to do my face mask or get my nails done. I know that it is often a great way to show yourself self love especially since as humans we are visual creators who crave instant results.

By you saying that self love happens at all stages I know that the way that I show myself self love is indeed self love even if it looks different from someone else. Right now at this stage of my life self love looks like:

- Saying no to alcohol more often so that I feel energized and can work the next day

- Not scheduling a lot of meetings so that I have time for myself

What are your three self love tips for people? My 3 self love tips are cleanliness, responsibility and patience.

1. Cleanliness. This one is important. Typically people understand that cleanliness is next to Godliness, and that by having a clean and clear workspace you may find it easier to be productive. All of that makes sense on a basic level. On a deeper level, I want people to take time to clean out their space so they can receive more. For example, if you're looking to invite more wealth into your life, clean your wallet and purses so there is room for more.

2. Be responsible. Responsibility is so important from multiple perspectives. Spiritually you should have a routine that you will respect and honor. Financially, be responsible with your funds. Use what you have and what you actually need. When it comes to food one of our sources of energy be responsible. Eat what you can and share with others when necessary. Lastly, be responsible with others confidentiality. As a self love expert I create spaces for people to feel safe and share when they are ready. Self love is about healing and people will do that in their own time as long as they are provided the tools.

3. Patience. My last tip is about patience. You likely won't attend one of my events and BOOM all of a sudden you're a brand new person overnight. In life, nothing worth having comes easily. Be patient. Be patient with others and with yourself. Be patient with the little changes you are making and trust that daily progress is better than no progress. 

Tell us more about the self love statement movement.

Self love statement is uplifting women all over the world to love themselves mentally, physically and financially. The benefits of self love are increased confidence, and compassion. You will discover yourself and of course get to indulge in the self care that you deserve.

When you truly know yourself, your confidence is on another level and negative outside influences will no longer bother you. You know you are in this state of self love when you are:

- very compassionate towards yourself

- know that you are doing your best

- compliment every win.

You discovery your yes's and your no's. You know what triggers you and you stay away from them. Self care is the way you carry yourself and by doing that you teach others how to treat you. You smell good, you exercise, you self talk positively. You are high on life man!

Start your journey to self love with Prime by attending one of her events. You can find more information by following her on Instagram.


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