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Surviving to Thriving

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Who were you before the world told you who you ought to be?⁣

This question has been popping into my head repeatedly for the last 5 days and I’d like to share it with you.

It’s a powerful question actually.⁣

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, who were you before external forces began molding you?⁣

“Don’t say that”⁣

“Don’t do that”⁣

“Don’t think that”⁣

“Don’t wear that”⁣

“Stop that”⁣

“You can’t”⁣

“You won’t”⁣

“You shouldn’t”⁣

“That’s a silly idea”⁣

…you get the picture.⁣

I strongly believe that we come into this world pure. Don’t believe me? Just observe a child in their natural environment.⁣

Children are expressive, curious, imaginative, persistent and joyful. Most importantly, children are free to be themselves because they simply don’t know any other way to be.⁣

Somewhere along the way we lose touch with this pure, carefree part of ourselves and succumb to the outside pressures and expectations put upon us by our teachers, school systems, parents, guardians, caregivers, peers, significant others, and society.⁣

Many of which have our best interest at heart, and some who don’t.⁣

Either way it does not serve us in the long run when someone or something external tells us who we ought to be instead of *knowing*, accepting and UNAPOLOGETICALLY living in alignment with our authentic self.⁣

It’s more important than ever to be consciously aware of this because losing touch with our pure, child-like spirit is the very reason we experience massive amounts of disharmony, disconnect and DIS-EASE in our state of mind, body, life purpose, relationships, etc.

Here’s the awesome plot twist — that core part of you still exists. It always has and it always will. You just have to tap back into it and remember who you are.⁣

And in case you forgot, the world really needs you to be exactly as you are.⁣

My call to action is this — reflect over this question and see what comes up for you. Be as honest as possible with yourself.⁣

So, tell me…. Who were you before the world got its hands on you?⁣

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By Colleen Ruiz


Colleen is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of Colleen Egan, LLC. She began her health coaching business in 2017, which aims to help busy individuals cultivate a lifestyle that enhances their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She believes that no single approach is right for every individual, which is why she has sought out training in a range of modalities such as: integrative health, nutrition, fitness training, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, massage therapy, energy healing and emotional intelligence. In 2016, she received her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During her time at IIN she studied over 100 different dietary theories and was taught by some of the world's leading experts in health and nutrition such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, David Wolfe, IIN's founder Joshua Rosenthal, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Mark Hyman. Prior to receiving her health coaching certification, she graduated with her Bachelors in Allied Health from the University of Connecticut. In 2018, during a 6 month trip around the world she received her 200HR YTT and Level 1 Reiki certification in Thailand. Her biggest passion in life is to help others achieve an optimal state of physical, mental and emotional well-being as well as inspire people to live a life full of meaning, peace and prosperity.

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