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Sustainable Style Social Spring 2021

Last year around this time we were hit with the global pandemic. All events were cancelled including the Spring Sustainable Style Social. 😕 We have since reopened the Zen Zone with very limited by appointment online events, but this past week we partnered with The Lab Miami to bring back our Spring clothing swap!

It was a huge success! Over 50 people RSVPed and wandered through the garden to exchanged clothes! We had yummy food provided by local vendor Krosnapkis, delicious samples of Strawberry Vodka we're served up, BioSacred did sound healing, and Alexina had her designs available. It was a beautiful day.

A huge thank you to all the local leaders of the sustainable style movement that helped pull off the event and for their continued work in our community. I appreciate each and every one of them and their commitment to sustainability. I learn and get inspired from them. It was intentional that we hosted this event during Women's History Month as well. Each one of these women deserve to be acknowledged for the work they do.

Every little bit counts when it comes to solving problems related to sustainable, ethical fashion, and the climate crisis. You may think that by not buying just one skirt it doesn't do much, but it really does, and at events like the spring social we collectively make a big impact.

Looking forward to the next one! Enjoy the photos below form the event thanks to Cristian Rivera. Make sure you follow the Zen Zone on Instagram to stay updated!


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