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The Clothing Swap Is Back

Hi, my name is Chenxi. How has the year been so far for you? I’ve been interning with Miriam and have learned a lot.

Even if you haven’t done much, it’s never too late to start trying out something. Read on below to see some events we’ve rounded up for you during March.

Miriam is also hosting a Mindful March challenge through QUOKA. It’s not to late to join. Just text ‘march’ to 415-223-7456.


Sustainable Style Social Clothing Swap

Want to help save the environment but don’t know where to start? RSVP for the swap! You’ll meet other like-minded sustainable stylists and get a nice refresh of your wardrobe.

Sustainable Style Social Clothing Swap

Each year 14 million tons of clothes get dumped into landfills every year. Not only that, in order for the fashion industry to make clothes, they also produce 10% of global carbon dioxide and 1.5 trillion liters of water. You can make a change to this by participating in our clothing swap on March 17th from 1 pm-3 pm. Not only can you save the environment, but you can also save yourself some money!

Start Your Mindfulness Practice

Doing mindfulness can help open your mind and free it from any darkness.

Start Your Mindfulness Practice

It has been a stressful time for a lot of us, and it grows difficult to cope with the events that occur. It does not need to be that anymore. Dr. Asana is now offering mindfulness lessons to better understand and free ourselves from our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations.

Pottery for Beginners

Interested in getting into pottery? This event is perfect.

Pottery for Beginners

Join Product Hunt and Ocisly Ceramics for a meditative and relaxing pottery session where professional ceramist, Debora Nascimento, will guide you through handling and understanding the nature of pottery. The classes will be held outside, and materials and beverages will be provided through Roots Boost sponsorship, though you are allowed to BYOB. Hurry, spaces are limited!

Learn How to Create a Personal Brand

Are you interested in creating a personal brand?

Learn How to Create a Personal Brand

Learn how to generate assets, establish a presence, and build awareness as to how you would like to be identified in the professional world through Michael Finney’s book. It covers how to market yourself through blogs, podcasting, videos, and more. Purchase your copy today!

Past Events Recorded on Our YouTube Channel

If you missed our amazing life with Ebony Richard, Founder of LocsDetox, you could check it out on our Youtube. Ebony talks about her startup journey building a brand with her son. She shares her tips for getting the product into customers' hands and why she thinks the market for her LocsDetox is a winner.


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