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Welcome to Zen Zone Miami


My name is Miriam, but you can call me M. I'm the founder of Zen Zone Miami. Welcome to our website, and our blog!

The Zen Zone is a multipurpose

venue space.

A place for our community to gather, grow, and share their gifts. Located in the heart of Miami, FL, we welcome people from all walks of life into our space to "get in the zone!"

When you're in the zone you feel happy. You feel like you can accomplish anything, and be your best self. The events that happen at the Zen Zone are designed to help you get in the zone!

Just over a year ago in 2017 I was looking for a space for my business. My wants:

  • It had to have an outdoor garden. I love plants.

  • I pictured a cafe where people would enjoy healthy, delicious food and drinks.

  • There would be an area for shopping,

  • the walls would be filled with beautiful art, and

  • of course lots of open space for DIY workshops, groups to meet, experiences, and events.

Long story short, all of the real estate that I looked at was either too expensive, or got bought by someone else. The neighborhood that I was interested in, Liberty City, Miami is being developed very quickly. Prices are shooting up fast, and properties are being bought by developers with a lot more buying power than me! 😔

For a while I felt stuck. I didn't know what to do to make the Zen Zone a reality.

I had to rethink my plan completely. I realized I could start small by using areas of my home. I have a huge yard and garden, I love to host events, and my home was already a natural gathering place.

Now it's 2019 and we have hosted dozens of events, had hundreds of people come through the space, exhibited artwork by many artists and more and more people are learning about us every day. Along the way we have had many setbacks and challenges, and learned a lot of lessons. This blog will be dedicated to telling the stories of success, highlighting our members, and sharing tips and guides.

I invite you to checkout our upcoming events schedule.

You can follow the Zen Zone journey on Instagram, and connect with me there too!

Make sure to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss any posts!

In community spirit,


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