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Welcoming May! 🙌

Upcoming Events

As a reminder, as a member of our artist's community, you are welcome to attend the Zen Zone events free of charge.

Contact Mary with any questions.


Please share events with your network!

Click on the event to view the details and RSVP

5/17 Mini Market 6pm

5/19 YouTube Meetup 11pm


  • Artists to exhibit their work in the art gallery space. We are putting the calendar together now.

  • A musician to play live music after the cooking class on 6/9 while guests are eating.

  • Plants for the garden space

  • Referrals! Know someone with a gift to share? Let us know!

Vintage Vice! Brittney Marie

Please welcome Alex and We incredibly humbled to have Brittney Marie

the @vintage.vice family! They will be throwing her official birthday party at the

setting up a rack at the mini-market this Zen Zone this year.


The Zen Zone Miami. A space to gather and grow.

We're building our business in Miami, because supporting our community's interests is important to us.


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