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Writing Tips 101

Hi everyone, my name is Josh! I host a writing workshop once a month at the Zen Zone. Many people struggle with how to write, and folks often need a few tips or words of encouragement to carry on or get started with their projects. So without further ado, let me present to y’all a few tips for writing that have helped me:

Read, and write often

This is probably one of the most important tips I have. Even if you’re not confident in your writing prowess, writing is like an exercise, and you have to keep your writing muscles toned and fit, so reading and writing a ton can really help to keep your skills in top shape.

Schedule time in your life for writing

The idea here is to kind of develop for yourself a workable writing system. Whether you want to write everyday at a certain time, or only on the weekends, discover for yourself a time and place in your life that can be dedicated solely to writing.

Drafts. If confronted by numerous possibilities, write them all

Drafting is a powerful tool that lets you unleash your creative potential free from fear that it’s not good enough. Just write out what you have inside and call it a draft. Then you can save that and build upon it later. If you have too many possibilities in your head, write them all down, and your drafting possibilities will be endless. Remember, never delete anything!

Outline! You can do multiple drafts of an outline too

A thorough outline allows you to craft exactly what you want your writing to be like once it’s done. Then, you just have to follow the recipe you have built in order to fashion your masterpiece from the ether. You can also do multiple drafts of your outline to figure out how you truly want your work to evolve.

Take inspiration from life events

Ready to put the pen down for a sec? Go ahead! Get out there and laugh, love, yearn, and enjoy this wide world of ours. As you reflect on all of those important experiences you have had, find ways to incorporate them into your latest project. Ever had a euphoric or joyous feeling? You can harness that happy vibe next time you need to evoke happiness in your writing.

Pursue various experiences to replenish your mental inkwell

If you’re like me, sometimes one of the most daunting aspects of writing can be staring at a blank page, waiting for your input. At these times, I put the project away for a while, and really focus on living. Climbing a mountain, swimming at the beach, hiking in a forest, and many other common life experiences can help to give a welcome inspirational boost. So when your mental inkwell is running dry, just getting out and enjoying where you are and finding something interesting to do can really get you back on track again.

Well, there you have it! I hope that these writing tips will assist you in the successful writing projects that you dream of creating. Let the stars and the moon be your guide in your amazing writing journey. And if you’d like some additional guidance, please chart your way on over to Zen Zone Miami and take part in my monthly Writing Workshop. This workshop occurs every month like clockwork from 5-7pm rain or shine. Come see us on Friday June 28th. See you there!


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