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Yummy Granola Bites Recipe

I'm always looking at ways to reduce food waste and came up with this recipe to help me use leftovers from my juicing. When I make a juice there is always so much pulp from the fruits and veggies leftover. I would just put them into the compost but knew there had to be more options to use the yummy leftovers!

I love granola bars and during the pandemic I starting making my own. It's super easy. An idea came to me that maybe I could make flavored granola bars using the leftover pulp from juicing. I tried it out and it came out great! They we're a huge hit at the Zen Zone.

These granola bites are chewy, healthy, sweet enough for an after meal snack, go great with coffee, or eat a few for a powerup breakfast on the go! Here is what I did.

First you'll need to juice. I juice a lot. Save the pulp from your left over juice and put it aside. What I did was juice all the things that I wanted in my granola bites, set that pulp aside, and then juiced the other items. For example, carrots, ginger, apple, they taste great in the granola bites. So I would juice those items first and set aside. Then if I was adding kale to my juice I would juice that but not use the kale pulp for the granola. Hope that makes sense. Feel free to drop a question in the comments or connect on Instagram.

Once you have your pulp loosely follow this recipe!


- Oats

- Peanut butter

- Honey

- Juice pulp

- Optional (nuts, chocolate, raisins, pinch of salt)


1. Evenly spread your pulp onto a baking tray and dry it out in the toaster over or regular over. A temp of about 300 for 30 minutes seemed to work well for me, but just keep an eye on it. You don't want it totally crisp or cooked, just not extremely wet.

2. Mix your wet ingredients together in a large bowl.

3. Fold in your oats until they are fully mixed with the wet ingredients

4. From there you can either spread them flat on a baking sheet or roll them into balls. Whichever you choose put into the fridge to form for at least an hour after.

I encourage substitutes! Make sure to store them in the fridge or freezer. Not a cabinet like a store bought granola bar.



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