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The EMR Defender and Cellphone Power Enhancer helps to stabilize the battery between charges by a patent pending infusion process. The high-tech material and the infusion process help with improving battery lifespan, improving signal reception, and guards against EMR (non-ionizing) that emits from all cell phones. This is the type of radiation that causes inflammation and damage to living tissue.

EMR Defender

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Specifications: The EMR Defender is .50 inches oval with a thick plastic dome for added protection. It attaches to the back of the cell phone or in front of an earpiece phone.

    Material: The material used for the EMR Defender is made of a hard surface substrate that contains 22.8% iron fragments imbedded in the material that holds the transmitting frequencies. The material is safe and causes no ill side effects. The back of the chip is covered with self adhesive material used when attaching the chip to a cell phone or any electronic device.

    Frequency range: The EMR Defender is made by generating frequency signals ranging from 30 Hz to 130 Hz. A transformer circuit applies a voltage ranging from 1 volt to 3 volts between arc-shaped conductive plates. These volts cause the material to hold the frequencies to be suspended for up to a three years shelf-life. The EMR Defender has a warrantee to last up to one year.

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