Taylor Cavazos

Taylor Cavazos is a Mexican American artist born along the southernmost border of the United States in Harlingen, Texas. She is most known for her colorful, detailed, and symbolic Mexican-American paintings. After moving to Miami in early 2018, Taylor produced her collection of acrylic-on-canvas art pieces, focused on Mexico’s representation of the calavera (skull), Dia de Los Muertos and “Fridamania,” referring to the growing celebrity status of famed Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. 


Taylor Cavazos Art also has a larger purpose. Living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and high- anxiety, Taylor finds solace in painting repetitive “dots and swirl” patterns on her canvas. “It helps me clear my mind,” she explains. 

“Sometimes, hours pass without me noticing. I block out all unnecessary thoughts and truly relax when I’m painting these patterns.” Taylor hopes her unique take on Latinx art will serve as a platform to discuss the prevalence of mental health issues among Latinx and Hispanic American populations.

Check out her press coverage on Tropicult, Midtown Miami Magazine, and her recent activity.

You can follow her journey on Instagram.

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