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Artisan Apothecary

Cochina artisan apothecary stocks works of art, hand-selected artisan accessories, vintage items, self-care products and more. We source our products directly from artists. Building a business or a brand takes a lot of hard work. Most of the artists that we work with are doing this all on their own. This online store serves as a platform to support their brand and business grow.

The word Cochina, CO-CHEE-NAH, is the Spanish word for "DIRTY GIRL".  As the Artists we work with are on their journey they will have to work hard to level up. They can't be scared to get a lil dirty!


Peep the latest editions to our apothecary and top off your look or space for your next cochina adventure!

Every purchase you make supports an artist.   

Are you an artist looking for growth and support? We're looking for you. Contact us to get started.

Shop Cochina Artists

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Shop one-of-a-kind paintings from a selection of artists.


Coffee straight from Haiti to your cup.

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The perfect brews to inspire, rejuvenate, and relax.

Your Journey to Self-Love (Yellow) (2).jpg

5g protection products for yourself and others.


Nature inspired jewelry.

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Independent book publishing.


Great wine for the good of others.

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